Our Services

At Hanjra Group, we offer a comprehensive range of real estate services tailored to meet your specific needs. With years of industry expertise, we take pride in delivering excellence across the following service areas:



From groundbreaking to the final touches, our construction team is dedicated to turning your vision into a beautifully crafted reality.


Home Financing

We're your partner in securing the keys to your dream home, offering tailored financing solutions.


Insured Home or Project

Your peace of mind is our priority. We ensure your home or project against unexpected events, safeguarding your investment



Our expert advisors are here to guide you through every step of your real estate journey, offering personalized solutions for informed decisions.


Investment Opportunities

Discover diverse options tailored to your financial goals and embark on a journey to financial growth with 'Mera Gharana'.


Legal and Compliance

Ensuring every step of your real estate journey is legally sound and compliant, because your peace of mind is our priority.

On Going Project

At ‘Mera Gharana,’ we don’t just build houses; we craft spaces where aspirations take root and memories bloom. With a legacy of excellence, ‘Hanjra Associates’ proudly presents homes that resonate with the heartbeat of Pakistan, where innovation meets tradition, and comfort meets convenience. Explore our world of inspired living – your future home awaits

Our Working Process


Consultation and Assessment

We begin by understanding your real estate needs and objectives through an initial consultation. This step helps us align our services with your goals.


Planning and Design

Our expert team crafts a tailored plan that outlines project scope, timeline, and budget, ensuring your vision becomes a reality while maintaining feasibility and sustainability.


Construction and Development

We bring the project to life with precision, quality, and efficiency, following industry standards and best practices throughout the construction process.


Delivery and Support

We deliver the project and provide ongoing support to ensure your satisfaction, even after completion, and to maintain the value and integrity of your investment.